Neglected freedoms are being normalized away

Contrary to Sweden in general, and more in line with other countries, I chose to be very cautious in March/April and encouraged others to do the same.

As the year progressed, my internal compass has shifted significantly. I now try to live as normal, while still exercising some caution to protect the weak/old. I'm more afraid of looming economic and societal breakdown than COVID-19.

Official statistics

The median death statistics for Sweden for the previous 5 years (up until 3 Dec) is 82 683. The current year up until that date is 86 365. Last year up until 3 Dec was 79 443, 3 461 deaths under the median. If you don't account for the low death rate in 2019, we are 3 682 deaths (4.5%) above the median in 2020. That's still 0.037% of the 10 million population without broad lockdowns.

Source (government TV):

Intensive care - not overrun

During spring in Stockholm, the epicentre of the virus for Sweden, a temporary hospital was constructed. But after having received zero patients, it was shut down in early June and nothing like it has reopened AFAIK. Both moves where wise in my estimation, better safe than sorry - until we have more information.


Are the number of deaths so low and the hospitals not overwhelmed because we have been taking measures? Maybe, to some extent. Most people in Sweden have stopped hugging and shaking hands, and the seniors have kept to themselves more than usual. Except those in care homes who upon getting sick often haven't even seen a doctor, let alone had hospital treatment. But schools and daycares have been open for the 16 year-olds and younger. Older youngsters and adults who can study/work from home have done so to a large extent. But we have had no lockdown, although they are preparing the law.

Wearing a mask outdoors or in the car with symptom-free, healthy (not senior) members of your household is excessive.

Nobody is immortal, and beyond the statistics, having individuals dying is sad. Always has been. But in the balance, I think we should be more concerned than we are with actually having healthy people live and thrive.

What will the death statistics for 2021 look like? Will deaths via combination of lockdown and untreated physical and mental ailments continue to increase, while the one virus gets the blame? Will that lead to further restrictions, leading to further fatalities in an endless dance with death?


Why are we doing this to ourselves, to the whole of society, asphyxiating our restaurants and small businesses, breeding fear and suspicion of the masked stranger instead of exchanging smiles? Why have our governments gone for this?

I also have no doubt that some populations are generally less able to deal with the virus. This can be both genes and environment (air pollution in parts of Italy and unhealthy life-styles in parts of USA).

There could be additional factors contributing to the hysteria, like increased false positives though excessive PCR cycles, but I'm not an expert in that, and think the common sense arguments above suffice.

Sweden going forward

Swedish politicians saw the opportunity in our laws to avoid responsibility by putting the health ministry in charge, and thereby gain in popularity. The lack of lockdowns could also be attributed to a weakened Swedish police, that could never have enforced them. (At least not without a few months of media programming of the population). Now the socialists in power have been bullied into conformity by the EU, and many on the Swedish right are embarrassing themselves by calling for less freedoms.

D(3) vitamin

D vitamin helps regulate the immune system and it's easy to become deficient when stuck indoors, especially during winter, especially for darker skinned individuals. They are cheap (unfortunately?). The D3 liquid capsule variants are probably better absorbed.

Vitamin D clinical trial:

Lockdowns and handouts

Government handouts for everyone doesn't work. You can't eat money. Grow a garden.